Regarding Appointments

We offer a free basic examination (with a report of findings) for chiropractic patients.

Tuesday new patient consultation by appointment only.

Chiropractic Exam

Chiropractic Services

You will be given a thorough exam, with a full range of orthopedic and neurological testing. Our chiropractic services will help you get to the bottom of the issues causing your pain.

Car accident

Accident Rehabilitation

Have you suffered an injury because of an auto accident? Dr. Evans has over 30 years experience helping patients like you get through the pain caused by the accident.


Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is effective for chronic neck pain, lower back pain, aches shoulders, as well as many more. This type of massage relieves pain and helps restore normal movement.

For many years Dr. Jerry Evans has been treating the people of Eugene and Springfield with refined and proven techniques in the chiropractic field.

If you have pain, we find a way to treat it.

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Lower back pain causing you daily stress? Dr. Evans will meet with you and begin the process of finding out exactly what needs to be done to treat your pain. Your body will be given a thorough exam, with the full range of orthopedic and neurological testing. X-Rays may be taken of the areas of concern, and physical and visual methods will help Evans determine the overall source of your problems.

After your examination, Dr. Evans will go over what will be necessary for your treatment. We work with you to find the right plan, making sure you are able to receive the help you need. Chiropractic evaluation is not the only service we offer, it’s only the beginning. For your treatment you’ll find many options, including but not limited to electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), hydrotherapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS), and ultrasound therapy. Our exercise facility is also perfect for rehabilitation therapy and overall body wellness.